Beachbody and Goji Berries Rule

Today was a great day.  I was up at 6 am to do my TurboFire workout, and despite wishing that I could’ve stayed in bed sleeping for another hour, it was nice knowing that my workout was complete by 7 am.  It also made me feel great and I can still feel the lasting effects of that extra energy that working out gives you.

I tried the apple pie LÄRABAR, which tasted just like apple pie:

Managed to make dinner before going to yoga at 6 pm with 2 of my great friends, Monica and Diana:

My mom brought me home my favorite Vietnamese fried rice, thanks to the owner of our favorite Vietnamese restaurant (thanks Lisa!)

Checked the mail and there was a letter waiting for me from the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, telling me that I was officially an Active Beachbody Coach (and I got this cute little pin too):

And I’m ending my day by enjoying a homemade chai tea latte.  Tip for the day: don’t use sweeteners in your tea!  If you really must add something in order to give it a sweet flavor, try Goji Berries.  They’re one of nature’s amazing superfoods and give the tea the perfect amount of sweetness!

I can’t wait to get up tomorrow and see what sort of workout Chalene Johnson’s got waiting for me.  TurboFire rocks!


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