Eating Gluten-Free

I have a confession to make.  In addition to being vegan, I eat a gluten-free diet.  I started eating gluten-free and vegan at the same time and since then, have very rarely indulged in gluten, with minor consequences.

Today at lunch, they brought us delicious warm bread, which usually I’m fine without.  I could easily live without bread.  This looked so good though, that I went ahead and indulged.

Katy was asking me about eating gluten-free and whether I feel any differences when I eat it or not.  I told her that I hadn’t noticed any major differences the few times that I’ve eaten gluten.  I choose to eat this way because I feel that it’s better overall for the human race in general, since our bodies weren’t made to digest all those processed gluten laden products that are so prevalent in our society today.

I also have enough digestive issues as it is, without giving my body the extra burden of having to process gluten, and I don’t find it difficult to eat gluten-free at all.

This image perfectly sums up my way of eating.  So what happened today when I ate gluten? My stomach became extremely upset shortly thereafter.  Now several hours later, I’m fulling the full effects of it.  I’m sluggish, my brain is foggy, and the headaches that I normally suffer from became stronger.  I have no energy, which shouldn’t be the case because I got enough sleep last night and I worked out twice today.  I’m just feeling blah.  All I can say is, after today, I won’t ever feel tempted to indulge in a gluten laden product ever again.


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