Glowing from the Inside and Out

It’s only mid-afternoon and it’s already been an amazing day!  I was up at 8 am, ready to take on Vinyasa Yoga at 9:30 with Katy.  In case you’re wondering how Vinyasa Yoga compares to other forms of yoga, check out this video:

Poses vary from class to class, but this is similar to what we did today.

Katy and I had already decided that we were going to do something after class, but we weren’t sure what exactly.  So we pulled out our smartphones in search of amazing, healthy food.  There weren’t any good salad places around, but we were both thinking something Mediterranean-ish, so decided upon Lebanese Taverna.

Since it was only 11 and they didn’t open until 12, we decided to go hang out at Teavana and then Bare Escentuals.   They both fit in perfectly with the theme of our day, which was all about relaxation and having fun, while doing things that helped us to be “glowing from the inside and out,” as Katy put it 🙂  (ok the wording wasn’t exactly like this, she worded it even better, but we’d both forgotten the exact phrase by the time our time together was over).

The Buddha.  Perfect for after yoga!

The amazing chai tea that we got to sample.

Katy’s favorite!  I also didn’t know this, but elephants are the perfect symbol for yoga because of the way that they breathe in and out, with long slow inhalations & exhalations, which is what we should try to emulate always, but most especially with yogic breath.

I tried to take more pictures, but I got caught and was told that no pictures were allowed to be taken inside the store.  Whoops!

Teavana was such an amazing place and we both could see ourselves spending a fortune in there with all of the amazing teas, teapots, and other stuff they offered!

Bare Escentuals didn’t help my budget much.  I’ve been thinking of finding a new makeup remover facial cleanser, because right now I’m using baby wipes, which is most definitely not the best thing for my skin.  I found a great one that I can’t wait to try and also ended up buying a kit that includes new makeup brushes, warmth blush, a facial brush cleanser, mineral veil to help seal in my makeup, & some new mineral foundation.  I was tempted to buy their mascara too, but had to stop myself and decided to save it for another time.  The best part was getting a hot pink bag that I can use for grocery shopping or even better yet, a yoga gym bag!  Yay!

Then we were finally ready to head to lunch, where we each ordered some amazing lentil soup, eggplant salad, and had some amazing conversation.  It reminded me of the value of true friendship and how important it is to have great friends around you.

Now I’m headed to Whole Foods to stock up on my vegan essentials: Pure Bars, goji berries, coconut water, dates, plant based milk, and whatever else I may encounter!  Enjoy your Saturday!


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