It’s been unseasonably warm lately and I’ve been loving it.  I hate winter and I’m happy that this year it hasn’t been that cold.  It also reminds me of my desire to eventually move somewhere like Arizona or southern California.  🙂

In between life, I’ve been cooking delicious new vegan dishes,

trying new snacks,

and today I finished up the Whole Foods 28 Day Healthy Eating Challenge.

The menu.  No chicken for me, but I’m definitely going to attempt making the cilantro-spinach dressing that was on it over a salad or maybe some pasta.  We got a mini-booklet of recipes!  Some tea

Free bag that I won during the raffle at the end.

I unfortunately forgot my camera at home, so had to take the Whole Foods pics on my iPhone.  Even though I didn’t feel like I really needed the Challenge since I already eat plant-based, it was still fun to be a part of the experience and meet so many great people that saw positive changes as a result of modifying their diets.  It was also thanks to the Challenge that I met my chiropractor and was able to finally figure out the cause of my never-ending headaches.  But more on that probably tomorrow.

My mom also bought me a beautiful pair of shoes because I told her I’d finally lost a pound. Despite eating the way I eat and taking care of myself, I struggle with my weight due to my PCOS.  So a pound gone is like a milestone!  I can definitely feel myself getting smaller though as a result of my workouts.

Goodnight!  🙂



  1. Thanks for taking the 28 Day Challenge, it was a joy to have you. Hopefully you’ll stay tune for the Spring challenge which will be a total plant based challenged base on our Engine 2 program.

    • Thank you Barclay, for everything you did for us! It’s exciting to hear that there will be a Spring Challenge based on the Engine 2 Diet. I’ll definitely be interested in participating!

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