Journey to Manifestation

As the weekend comes to a close, I started thinking about all of the things that I want to accomplish for myself this year.  As I mentioned on Friday, last week didn’t afford me the opportunity to truly work on my dreams & desires.  I didn’t get to do any yoga and I didn’t do any TurboFire either!

Instead of blaming outside circumstances for what happened though, I began to think about everything that I want to achieve, and the steps that I need to accomplish them.  By radiating my inner calm and remembering the value in everything that I want to do, I can streamline the process for everything that I’ve got going on.

And trust me, it’s a lot.  I hadn’t even really realized how much I’ve involved myself in and since I tend to be a procrastinator, I feel the need to write it all out to remind myself of my goals and how I’m going to get to each and every thing, even if I only take small steps each day.  Each step will create the path of my journey.

At the forefront of it all is my vision board, but those things won’t actually happen if I don’t hold the intent and belief that they WILL happen, no matter the outward circumstances.  I’ve seen miracles manifest in my life by being open and willing to receive them.  As the Law of Attraction states, “what you think about, you bring about.”  Yet even though I’ve known this for years, I seem to forget to put it into practice.

Today, at exactly the right moment, I saw this image posted by a friend on Facebook.

I started listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s podcasts in the car and she reminded me of the power of manifestation and focusing on your desires.  Focus on abundance instead of lack, but most importantly, FEEL it all as if it were real.  Be thankful for what you do have so that more can come to you.  It’s the Law of the Universe.

Expect a miracle, and it will happen, usually in a form that you may not even have expected, but much better than you ever could’ve imagined.


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