Valentine’s Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  How has your day gone so far?!  Even though I’m single, it doesn’t mean that I can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day just like anybody else!  I decided to make it a day about honoring and loving myself.  Who’s going to love me if I don’t love me first?!

I woke up early to do my TurboFire workout and it felt so good to know that I was loving myself enough to get up early & treat myself to a work out.  That’s right, I said treat myself to a work out.  Whenever I exercise, I feel empowered, I feel amazing, and I feel that I’m truly taking the time to love myself by honoring my body.

Breakfast was a Chocolate Shakeology, my favorite way to start the day!  We also had a Valentine’s Day Perk-Up at my school and I grabbed some fruits and veggies for my morning snack.

Since I was still hungry, I decided to squeeze in a clementine too.

Lunch was a salad, again courtesy of my school, and tofu scramble.  I kind of wished I’d mixed the two together after I’d eaten my entire salad.  Oh well, next time!

After lunch, I went to go drop off my Valentine’s Day/100th Day of School project for my 1st grade math group and saw that the kids had brought me Valentine’s Day treats.  I wasn’t expecting anything from them, so it was a nice surprise and the kids were so excited for me to see what they’d brought me.

Inside the envelope I found all of this

I also got a box of chocolate hearts

and I also got a few cupcakes (which I didn’t eat of course, but it’s the thought that counts!)

On my way home from work, I received a surprise phone call that helped to make my Valentine’s Day even more special.  It’s nice to know when people are thinking about you, even if they can’t physically be with you.  🙂

I wasn’t planning on making anything special for my dinner, but I decided to treat myself to food that I normally wouldn’t eat, so I created a date with myself.  I headed to Whole Foods to pick up a few ingredients and attempted making a creamy pasta sauce with noodles.

Was it stellar?  No, but it definitely was worth the effort and I’m already thinking about how I can refine the recipe next time.

For dessert, I already had a chocolate bar that I picked up at Whole Foods yesterday, but was craving something else too.  This chocolate bar was good, but it had a little bit too much of a spicy kick at the end, and I’m not sure I’d buy it again.

So for my alternative dessert, I’d considered making chocolate mousse from scratch, but Whole Foods had some of their vegan chocolate mousse available too (sometimes they don’t), so I decided to pick up some of theirs with some strawberries.  I actually got it for free because it was ringing up as $350 instead of $2.89!

I settled in to watch Cupcake Wars as I ate and all I could think about was how I’d veganize and gluten-free-ize the recipes, lol!  I thought about putting on a romantic comedy, but I’d rather save that for a weekend night.

Of course as I’m writing this blog post, I just found an amazing recipe for raw chocolate ginger cake with cacao frosting!  Definitely next time!

I let the food settle in my stomach for a while and finished watching Cupcake Wars before deciding to finish off my night with more chocolate, in the form of hot chocolate.  I saw this recipe and just couldn’t resist!  After tonight though, I’m done with chocolate for a while (except Shakeology of course)!

Remember love in your daily activities, not just on Valentine’s Day, and love will find you back!

(hearts courtesy of one of my 1st graders)


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