Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I’ve just been running around my house squealing, even though I’m exhausted & suffering from one of my chronic headaches & was thinking of taking a snooze.  Why you may ask?! Because the UPS man rang the doorbell and this is what was waiting for me inside the brown package he left at my door:

Remember a few weeks ago I blogged about a planner that had arrived for me and that I’d ordered it for a specific reason?  This is why my friends – so I could plan out when my classes at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition are starting and so I know when my assignments are due.  I start classes at the end of March so that I can become a certified health coach and I could not be more thrilled! Here’s what was waiting inside that beautiful red box:

My own brand new iPad, included with the price of tuition!  (as was everything in the box!) 🙂

And underneath all of that was this:

I’m off to set up my brand new iPad and check out all the amazing things waiting for me inside of that beautiful red box.  Have an amazing day!


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