The Beachbody Challenge

As of March 1st, I officially enrolled myself in the 90 Day Beachbody Challenge (ok well not really, I didn’t sign up on Team Beachbody until today but I mentally enrolled myself on March 1st) :D.  Although I got TurboFire back in December, I haven’t been consistent with working out to the program, even though I love it & Chalene Johnson with all my heart.  The other day I realized that if I’d fully committed myself back in December, I would’ve already had my dream body now in March.  I’m using that realization to fuel me to complete the next 90 days, which will lead me to being in super amazing shape by the end of May, in time for the Beachbody Coach Summit in June and my 30th birthday the week after!

Doing this for myself has been a huge realization for me.  I’ve committed to workout programs in the past and have made huge strides in achieving a healthier body weight, but I’m still not at my target goal.  I yo-yo diet as much as Bridget Jones.  Having PCOS makes it even tougher.  My mom jokes with me all the time that if she ate the way I ate, she’d disappear and likely be a size 0.  Although my goal isn’t to be a size 0, it can get pretty frustrating when you eat nourishing, whole foods 100% of the time and your body doesn’t seem to show much for it.

Beachbody has been my saving grace and it’s for this very reason that I’m in this business so I can help other people achieve their goals.  Putting this out to the world on my blog also means that I’ve made a full commitment to get where I want to be, no matter what I may come across, in terms of my health or anything else.  I also want to show people that I’m living proof of what Beachbody products can do to help you achieve your goals, but most especially if you have PCOS!  I even already decided that my next workout program will be ChaLEAN Extreme.  🙂

Seriously, me getting excited about working out?!  If you’d told me this even 4 months ago, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Now I actually get excited about it and I’m so passionate about what I’m doing!  And I definitely don’t want to hear any excuses about investing in products that will help your health as being too expensive.  I leave you with this video that had my mom and I in tears of laughter the other night because it speaks the truth!


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