The best way to describe how I feel tonight is balanced.  The Universe is truly marvelous in how it works itself out.  I had originally planned on blogging about something else tonight, but that will have to be saved for tomorrow.

I went to work at East Meets West tonight as I do every other Friday, but I knew it would be busier because famed yoga teacher Max Strom was going to be teaching two workshops back to back there.  I didn’t realize that the other classes for the night were cancelled.  Katy and I had originally looked into attending the workshops, but one was from 4 to 6 and the other was from 7 to 9.  We couldn’t make the first one because of our work schedules and the second one occurred during my regular shift.  So I was considering going to one of his workshops that are taking place on Sunday at another yoga studio in DC.

Well, the yoga studio owner kindly offered me the opportunity to attend the 7 to 9 workshop, which I gratefully accepted.  Max talked to us for a little bit before we started our yoga class with him.  It was most definitely one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever taken.  He’s so calm, gentle, kind, and peaceful.  He really had us focus on our breath and look at new ways of doing poses.  He made us laugh several times & really took the time to help people as they moved through their practice.  All I can say is that I left East Meets West tonight feeling extremely balanced and at peace.

I bought his book and had him sign it for me.  I’d glanced through it a little bit previously, but I can’t wait to read it.  I can honestly say that I have a newfound appreciation for yoga and the way that we breathe.

How do you choose to spend your life?  Make sure to make every minute count!


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