Blueberry Basil

Good evening everyone!  It was a gorgeous day here in the DC area!  For a few days there, it seemed like Spring had disappeared and like Winter was ready to come back.  I’m hoping these warmer temperatures stick around for a while!

Even though I’m off this week, I spent a lot of yesterday working on my Beachbody business & on my Institute for Integrative Nutrition coursework.  I’m so excited about both of them that after doing my awesome ChaLEAN Extreme workout, I had to pull myself away from the computer today to go out & enjoy the sunshine!  I decided to venture into Clarendon in Arlington to use a LivingSocial deal that I purchased a few months back, for South Block Smoothie & Wrap Co.

I enjoyed a delicious Baja Lime bowl with a veggie burger.  The dressing was a little tart, but the veggie burger was super delicious!

I also got a blueberry basil smoothie.  Even though they have lots of amazing smoothies on their menu, I was intrigued by the blueberry basil combination, and I’m so glad I got it.  Who would’ve thought those two could taste so good together?!

I walked around for a little bit & then ventured into Trader Joe’s to stock up on some things. Of course I bought blueberries & basil because I want to make the smoothie for myself!

I’m so thankful that I’m off the rest of the week & keep getting to work on things that I love! Have a great evening!


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