Going Raw – Day 2

I’m not going to lie – today’s been rough.  I woke up from a restless sleep feeling jet lagged, a feeling that’s lasted throughout the day, and a strong tension headache.  I know that I was definitely grinding my teeth last night.  I was super hungry too.  I threw together a green smoothie for breakfast, but decided to have a banana afterwards too, to keep me satisfied.

I was starving again a few hours later, so I had an orange.

And then a few hours after that, I had my raw Spanish rice and an apple.

And then a few hours after that, I had a plum (noticing a pattern here?)

I’m sure that I’m having way too much fruit, especially for someone like me who has insulin resistance issues.  Oh and did I mention that the butternut squash made me super bloated & looking about 4 months pregnant?  I noticed it last night when I ate, but chose to ignore it, especially since I didn’t feel like making anything else for lunch at that point.

Since I had to mail off some Shakeology samples but was too hungry to wait for dinner, I had a banana.  And then when I got home, nothing appealed to me, except for maybe a Chipotle veggie burrito bowl or some homemade pancakes thanks to Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s amazing recipe from her book Chloe’s Kitchen.  So I kind of broke my raw food rules & had Shakeology!  Ok I know that Shakeology isn’t technically raw, but it’s pretty darn close.  I blended it up with some coconut milk, strawberries, raspberries, and what else, but a banana, my chosen fruit of the day.

Unfortunately, I’m still starving, & need to go figure out what’s on tomorrow’s menu.  I’m feeling very much like I did when I did my juice fast back in September.  Miserable, constantly hungry, & with no relief for my headaches.  I’m not sure I’ll last the 10 days eating raw foods, but I’m definitely going to try my best.  I might do 90% raw with 1 cooked meal, but we’ll see.  For now, I need to rest!



  1. Looks like you need to add some nuts into your diet. I had a friend that when raw and he ate nuts and seeds to keep his protein levels up. I have to agree that you are eating too much fruit which is bad for IR. Good luck.

    • Thank you, Misha! I’ve been avoiding nuts only because each time I’ve eaten a Pure Bar the past few weeks, I immediately get bloated & my headaches get worse, so I’m wondering if I’m allergic. Maybe I’ll incorporate some almonds & goji berries into one of my snacks tomorrow. I really don’t think I can go 100% raw, but I might shoot for 70-80% overall.

  2. what a coincidence, i came across that raw spanish rice last week, I’m making it for lunch today 🙂 how did you like it?

    • I thought it was really good, but it made me super bloated the both times that I ate it! I guess my stomach couldn’t handle all that fiber. Love your blog, looks like you really enjoyed it too! 🙂

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