Philadelphia Loves Beachbody

Where do I even begin to blog about everything that’s been happening the past few days?!  All I can say is that exciting things are happening!!!  On Saturday I headed up to Philadelphia with my mom to go see Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody for Beachbody’s quarterly Super Saturday event.  Super Saturdays took place all across the country and I was fortunate enough to go see our CEO somewhere that wasn’t too far from where I live.

I met up with some of the other amazing coaches on my team and we had a great time being inspired and learning more about the direction in which the company’s headed.

The picture above is courtesy of Carl Daikeler.  🙂

What could be a better purpose than that?  I really feel so proud and honored to be a part of such an amazing company.  Together with what I’m learning at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I’m so excited that I’m helping to make such powerful changes in people’s lives, including my own.

Carl was nothing short of inspiring and helped us all to see that each and every one of us can achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.  Yes he might be the CEO of the overall Beachbody company, but he re-inforced that we are no different from him.  As Beachbody coaches, we are the CEOs of our own companies and can do whatever we want to in this business, if we just set our hearts and minds to it.  We are leaders and here to inspire others to make healthy changes in their lives so that they too, can inspire others in much the same way.  And we can make as much money as we want doing it (he said the top coach in the company makes somewhere around $18,000 a week).  Who doesn’t want that so that they can enjoy their lives and live it with full freedom?!  I know I definitely want it!

I was so thankful to have the opportunity to meet him.  Literally the whole room was standing in line waiting to have their picture taken with him and as we were, I thought to myself “who else stands in line waiting to get their picture taken with their CEO?!  Most people probably hate their CEOs!  Only Beachbody coaches would do something like this because we’re proud and honored to have such an amazing man leading us forward towards success!”

Afterwards my mom and I decided to go walk around Philadelphia and grab some lunch. Did I stay raw the entire time?  No, although my mom did bring lots of fruit and the place where we headed for lunch was a raw juice bar.  Could I have stayed raw?  Yes, but I was listening to my body and what it really wanted was some great cooked food!

I have to share the amazing dinner that the hotel bar made for me when it was 10:30 pm and my mom and I were tired from driving all afternoon (gotta love DC traffic).  When the waitress heard that I was vegan, she told me that the chef could prepare a vegan plate.  So I was thinking that I’d get a plate of asparagus or something.  I was so surprised when this came out for me!

That’s eggplant on top with some delicious tomato sauce and basil on the side.  And on the inside there was asparagus, carrots, broccoli, basil, sun dried tomatoes, squash, and onions!

So back to the juice bar, named Jar Bar Philly. One of the other amazing coaches gave me a coupon for it so of course I had to go there.

And what did I notice as I was taking the picture below?

Carl Daikeler sitting right there in the window!  Definitely was not expecting that.  He didn’t stay for very long though.

Anyway, even though they had amazing things on the menu, I wasn’t in the mood for anything but a salad, and I also got an amazing raw chocolate maca smoothie.

Afterwards, my mom and I decided to walk around for a little bit, but since we’re not super history buffs and the line for the Liberty Bell was too long, we decided to head home early and just relax.  I did get a few pictures of some pretty flowers outside the Liberty Bell and the flag of Chile waving outside some building, but we couldn’t figure out why it was there along with the American flag and the Italian flag.

I have so much more to blog about, but I’ll save it for a post tomorrow, especially since this is getting super long.  Goodnight!



  1. Im starting my own company after being on beachbody products and my question to you is, did you come away from the day with the knowledge that you can take yourself to the next level?

    • Absolutely! Beachbody supports you every step of the way & I always leave Beachbody events feeling inspired. I sponsored my next coach within 48 hours & I’m very much looking forward to Coach Summit 2012. If you have the drive & will to make it happen, then you will succeed & take yourself to the next level no matter what.

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