Ready to Reset

I’m so ridiculously excited for what I’m about to blog about.  It’s something I’ve been waiting for ever since the first moment I heard about it.

Beachbody just released an amazing product called The Ultimate Reset.  It’s a 21 day program designed to help you Reset your body so that you’re functioning at an optimal level. For 21 days, you take specific supplements to help rid your body of toxins and you follow an amazing meal plan that gets you gradually moving towards a vegan diet.  So what’s included? Check out the picture below.

The recipes are absolutely amazing and I’m so super excited to try them all out!  For those of you that follow my blog, you know that I have serious health issues that seem to plague me (for lack of a better word) no matter what I do.  I am so excited for the Reset because I feel like I *finally* have something that’s going to help me on my journey towards perfect health. In fact, when I got the box below yesterday, I started jumping around & squealing.

I’ve just spent the evening shopping for a few missing ingredients that I didn’t already have in my kitchen, preparing an amazing microgreen salad for my lunch tomorrow, cooking up a batch of oatmeal, and a batch of brown rice for future recipes later this week.

The Ultimate Reset is broken up into 3 phases: Reclaim, Release, Restore, and the supplements are designed to help your body on the right path towards feeling the way that you were meant to feel.

I’ve heard & seen amazing success stories from people that were in the pilot group for The Ultimate Reset as well as people within my own team who were chosen to try it out.  Now they’re getting ready to coach some of us other coaches through the process and I can’t wait to coach others to help them achieve perfect balance (maybe that includes you!)  🙂

Check out what came inside my box yesterday.

I LOVE the fact that the entire program is laid out for you, so you don’t have to think about what to do.  I really wish I’d had something like this a year ago.

That’s just a little glimpse of the amazing recipes in the nutrition guide.  I know that it’s definitely going to become my go-to recipe guide book, especially for days when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to cook anything too complicated.  The recipes are simple, easy, and delicious!!!

If you’re interested in finding out more about The Ultimate Reset, contact me at veganpcosgoddess AT gmail DOT com.

I’ll be blogging about this for the next 21 days and can’t wait to share with all of you how I’m feeling, but I just know it’ll be amazing!!!



  1. I’ve lost 3lbs in my first 3 days…yay!! Loving this program!

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