Reset Exhaustion

I can’t believe that I’m already on Day 5 of The Ultimate Reset!  I’m definitely loving the food, but not how I’ve been feeling.  I’m down another half pound, but today was the worst day yet. I woke up feeling exhausted, which is how I’ve felt most of the day, as well as sore.  I can also feel that my body is majorly detoxing.  Thankfully, these are all super normal symptoms of doing the Reset, especially since Days 3-5 are the hardest!  Only positivity from me because that means it’s working!!!  🙂

Breakfast was fresh fruit with oatmeal.  In the nutrition guide, it has you combine them, but I’ve read that fresh fruit shouldn’t be combined with other foods because of the way it digests in your stomach and since my body’s so sensitive, I ate the fruit first, then waited 20 minutes to eat my oatmeal.  I forgot to take a picture of the oatmeal, but you all know what oatmeal looks like.

Lunch was raw veggies with quinoa salad.  We were supposed to eat the raw veggies with hummus, but since I don’t really love hummus, I decided to leave it out.  The quinoa salad had mint & parsley, which at first I thought I wouldn’t like, but it was super delicious!

Dinner was miso soup with brown rice and sauteed veggies.

What I’m loving about the Reset is creating all of these amazing meals.  I actually really don’t like to cook, especially when a recipe takes forever & doesn’t even end up tasting good, but I’m actually thoroughly enjoying the meal prep & making all this delicious food, especially because it tastes good!

I’m all prepped for tomorrow & ready to go to sleep!  Hoping tomorrow I’ll feel a lot more energized.


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