Day 11 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is over!  I can’t believe that I’m already more than halfway done.  My eyes are looking brighter, my skin is looking clearer, and my stomach is flattened out so much in just one week, I can’t believe it!  Of course, I’m super excited  and can’t wait to start working out once the Reset is over so that I can continue with my results.

I also haven’t been bloated at all, except for once, when I used Bragg’s Liquid Aminos in one of the recipes.  Bragg’s is loaded with too much sodium for me, but I’ve discovered that I can use Himalayan sea salt and not get bloated at all!  I love it!!!

I did sleep a lot last night to today and didn’t feel my greatest this morning, but now I’m started to feel a little bit better.  My body’s definitely going through a lot in order to cleanse itself.  Thankfully my appetite returned to normal and I had trouble finishing both my lunch and dinner, which has been normal on the Reset.

I’m loving the fruit salad for breakfast everyday!  Today I bought some peaches, so I can’t wait until they’re ripe so I can add them to my daily breakfast.

My mom and I went to a family friend’s birthday party today, but I made sure to pack my lunch and my distilled water with me.  This is my leftover quinoa lentil pilaf from last night with some cucumber tomato salad.  I was pretty upset when I went to go chop up the cucumber and discovered that it had no seeds inside.  Why was I upset?  Because that means that it was most likely genetically modified, but I didn’t have time to go buy a new cucumber and I didn’t want to starve, so I ended up eating it.  I’m throwing the rest of the cucumber away!

Tonight’s soup was perfect for the cold temperatures we’ve been having lately.  Hearty vegetable miso soup with steamed leafy greens.  It was supposed to be swiss chard, which I was really excited about trying for the first time, but Whole Foods didn’t have any.

I’ve been really wanting to do a little light yoga with my TurboFire Stretch 40 DVD or a little Tai Cheng, but the course of my days are usually work all day, have something going on in the evenings, come home cook dinner, quickly check messages on the computer, blog, then head to bed.  I can’t wait to break out of this cycle because it’s not doing me any good!  This upcoming week is going to be crazier than normal, but it’s no wonder that my body is so exhausted all the time.  Let’s see what Day 12 brings tomorrow!



  1. Dan Kleiman says:

    Beautiful food pics!

    Seems like you’re working in some Tai Chi as part of well-rounded routine. Very cool.

    I did an interview with Dr. Cheng a while back. http://dankleiman.com/2012/01/18/how-dr-mark-cheng-is-bringing-tai-chi-to-the-fitness-community-part-1/

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