Veganlicious Day

Yesterday my mom and I had what I’ll call a “Veganlicious Day.”  It started with my acupuncture session.  Let me just say that acupuncture is helping me to remove a great deal of stuck, stagnant energy that’s in my body.  I know because I start shaking like crazy as soon as those needles are in me.  My acupuncturist says that it’s very rare to see someone moving energy that rapidly, but it’s definitely a great sign.  Even though my headaches aren’t gone, I’m excited that I’m finally making some sort of progress on that front!  No wonder I’ve been in so much pain.

After acupuncture, my mom and I headed to Great Sage, an amazing all vegan restaurant located in Maryland.  I blogged about going to brunch there a few weeks ago and every time I’ve been, the food’s been absolutely amazing.

I started with a refreshing cucumber celery green drink.

Then for my main course I had the pumpkin enchiladas over quinoa, which happened to be gluten-free as well.  They tasted out of this world.  Definitely a recipe I want to try to replicate, though I’m sure it won’t turn out half as good!

And even though I had more than enough to eat with these, I couldn’t resist ordering dessert, and I settled on a gluten free cherry chocolate cheesecake.  So delicious!

Who was it that said that vegans don’t eat well and we only eat grass?  😉

After lunch, my mom and I decided to head to the eco-friendly store next door, Nest, and I got this adorable pottery mug for my chai tea, as well as these cute little bags that I can carry snacks around in.

Then we headed to Roots, an organic market that’s right next to Great Sage.  It was there that we came across the owner of Zendulgence, Asher Radkowsky, offering free samples of his Hemp Gelato.  My eyes literally popped when I tried the flavors – chocolate raspberry, chocolate hazelnut, and chocolate.  So super delicious and the best part is that the ingredients are pure and the base is Hemp Milk, one of my favorites!  Zendulgence has been written about in the Washington Post, and I really hope that the flavors are available in more stores soon!

The chocolate hazelnut flavor is so amazing that it was sold out, so I settled on the chocolate raspberry flavor instead.

I couldn’t leave Roots without purchasing one of my favorite drinks, coconut water, and it was the perfect way to end the afternoon before heading home.  I swear, every kid in America should be carrying around cartons of coconut water instead of sodas, juice, and milk!

What have you been up to this weekend?


Happy Sunday!

Hey everyone!  Happy Sunday!  How’s your weekend been going?  This weekend it was very cool & rainy in the DC area.  I actually had to wear a light sweatshirt outside yesterday, which was odd considering the 100 degree temperatures that we’ve been having this summer!

Today’s been a great day, especially because I finally had the opportunity to go to brunch at Great Sage, an all vegan restaurant out in Maryland.  I was there back in October for a benefit dinner and the food was outstanding.  Today was no different.

I’m friends on Facebook with one of the staff members at Compassion Over Killing and when she posted that she and some of her co-workers were going to be going there and asked if anyone else wanted to join, I decided to go along and check it out!

My meal started with sweet potato carrot ginger soup.  It sounded too good to resist when I heard it being read off as one of the soups of the day.

My main meal was a gluten-free wrap with roasted veggies and a side of tempeh bacon.  The wrap looked much nicer when it arrived and this is already half eaten, but the picture I took with all the veggies inside didn’t show much 🙂

After brunch, I headed out to see Katy for a few hours.  It was nice to catch up, especially since I don’t see her everyday anymore (we both taught at the same school) and since she’s moving back to Ohio soon.  We decided to grab a salad at Sweetgreen, one of my favorite places to go in the DC area for an awesome healthy meal.  This was their awesome Chic-P vegan salad!

While I was out by Great Sage, I bought some coconut water at the organic market by the restaurant.  The funny this is that the first time I ever tasted coconut water I hated it, and then today when I was at Sweetgreen I was wishing that they sold it there so that I could have some with my meal!

Now I have to get ready for a coaching call with my health coach from IIN.  Enjoy your evenings!


Blueberry Basil

Good evening everyone!  It was a gorgeous day here in the DC area!  For a few days there, it seemed like Spring had disappeared and like Winter was ready to come back.  I’m hoping these warmer temperatures stick around for a while!

Even though I’m off this week, I spent a lot of yesterday working on my Beachbody business & on my Institute for Integrative Nutrition coursework.  I’m so excited about both of them that after doing my awesome ChaLEAN Extreme workout, I had to pull myself away from the computer today to go out & enjoy the sunshine!  I decided to venture into Clarendon in Arlington to use a LivingSocial deal that I purchased a few months back, for South Block Smoothie & Wrap Co.

I enjoyed a delicious Baja Lime bowl with a veggie burger.  The dressing was a little tart, but the veggie burger was super delicious!

I also got a blueberry basil smoothie.  Even though they have lots of amazing smoothies on their menu, I was intrigued by the blueberry basil combination, and I’m so glad I got it.  Who would’ve thought those two could taste so good together?!

I walked around for a little bit & then ventured into Trader Joe’s to stock up on some things. Of course I bought blueberries & basil because I want to make the smoothie for myself!

I’m so thankful that I’m off the rest of the week & keep getting to work on things that I love! Have a great evening!

Make It Happen

I’m so thankful the weekend’s here!  There are so many things that I want to do, be, and accomplish in my life that I like to take advantage of every free minute that I have when I’m not working.  I honestly don’t understand how people can ever be bored.  I’m not willing to settle for the ordinary and have always worked towards everything that I’ve ever wanted, including making dreams of living in London a reality.

Being a successful independent Beachbody coach is one of my ambitions and I was excited today when I went to go open a mysterious box that was waiting for me (I really couldn’t remember what I’d ordered this time) and found my Beachbody business cards!

I love, love, love Beachbody products and it’s thanks to TurboFire and Shakeology that I’m finally on track towards getting fully in shape and reaching my fitness goals.  I actually get up at 6 am to work out and I am NOT a morning person.

I also love Beachbody’s mantra, which is simple, yet effective.  Decide to make a change, commit to it, and succeed.  It’s that simple.

Been using the veggie burgers that I made earlier this week for several of my meals!

Even though I have plenty of food in my fridge, I was debating between eating gluten free vegan pizza from Z Pizza for dinner or making something for myself.  As much as I tried to push the pizza idea out my mind, it kept coming back.

As vegan author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau says, “When we eliminate animal flesh and secretions from our diet and experience what we call physical cravings, we are most likely craving fat and salt.”

The interesting part is that it wasn’t so much that I was even craving the taste of traditional pizza, because I definitely wasn’t.  In fact, if I told you the true facts about dairy, you’d never want to touch the stuff again.  But I’ll spare you that for now.  🙂

I like to stay to a whole foods vegan diet, but I decided to give into my craving instead of resisting what my body was asking for.  What I love about Z Pizza is that it’s the only place where I can actually get a pizza tailored for my diet.

When I got to Z Pizza to pick up my pizza though, they told me that they had to re-make it because they’d put bacon on it.  Seriously Z Pizza?!  The pizza I ordered is on your menu and is called Berkeley Vegan.  I decided to go to the health food store next door to hang out while I waited and bought a new flavor of coconut water.  Can’t wait to try it!

Now that I’ve eaten my pizza, I’ll remind myself of how I feel whenever I deviate from my whole foods approach.  My body hates anything that isn’t pure and all natural and I honestly mean that.  I feel the effects immediately.  Oh well, at least it tasted good!

Today I wore my brand new pair of sparkly pink Toms and thanks to Diana found out that Toms now has ballet flats!  I’m in love and can’t wait to order a pair!

Aren’t they the cutest things ever?!

I’m off to relax.  More to come this weekend!

Coconut Water

My 6 am workout this morning was a fail.  I set my alarm, but for some reason didn’t leave the app at the forefront of my iPhone, so the alarm didn’t know to tell me to wake up. Instead, I woke up at 7:30, exactly one hour before I need to get to work.  Thankfully, I’m a master at getting ready quickly, including time spent washing & drying my hair and putting makeup on.

I am also thankful that I pre-make my smoothies at night and that I’d chopped up peppers last night for my veggie wrap.  All I had to do was toss my veggies into a plastic bag and I was good to go.

I’m also happy because the other night I discovered the most amazing all natural bars.  In my opinion, they taste better than LÄRABARS.

Lunch was a salad with my veggie wrap

The ingredients used to make my wrap:

Which then combined with those veggies in the bag you saw earlier, made this:

I also drank not one, but two coconut waters today:

I’ll be the first to admit that the first time I ever tried coconut water, I hated it, especially after hearing all the benefits of it.  Yet I’ve drunk the coconut water from fresh coconuts before and like it much better.  I decided to give flavored coconut water a try because it’s made from all natural juice, nothing artificial, and because coconut water is full of potassium and probably one of the very best things you could possibly drink besides water.

The coconut water with pineapple was like drinking a piña colada, no joke!  Since I tried it at the Whole Foods Healthy Eating Challenge, I was able to immediately buy some more.  No surprise that this flavor was almost sold out.  I’m definitely going to be drinking more of this stuff and seeing how I feel on it!

Even though I didn’t get my TurboFire workout squeezed in tonight, we did do some yoga at the Healthy Eating Challenge.  The owner of the yoga studio where I currently go came to show us some gentle yoga moves (and it’s thanks to her that I found out about the Healthy Eating Challenge).  If you’re in the DC area and looking for a great yoga studio, definitely check out East Meets West Yoga Center!

Now I’m off to fix my alarm and make sure that I’m up at 6 tomorrow!