Normal – What Does That Feel Like Anyway?

It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything on this blog.  I’ve allowed myself to slip away from it, partially because I was stressing myself out with feeling that I had to write in it every single day, and partially because I put pressure on myself to always appear perfect, which is quite an impossible standard.

I’ve been working on teaching full-time, finishing up my health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and figuring out how to get myself 100% healthy and on the right track again.  I started a new blog to chronicle my journey, partially because I’m no longer following a strictly vegan diet.  It turns out that one of my many health issues is having adrenal fatigue.  I’ve been reading up on it and several people that were formerly vegan all agree that eating small amounts of animal protein helps the adrenals get stronger, and I need that more than anything right now.

To find out more about my health issues and what’s been going on with me, check out




Hi everyone!  How are you doing?  It turned into winter all of a sudden here & I’m missing the warm weather!  I realized it’s been a while since I posted!  It’s been a busy few days.  I worked at the yoga studio over the weekend and had the opportunity to attend an amazing yoga breath workshop with Katy.  I also had the chance to try my first Kundalini yoga class last Thursday, which was really great.  I want to start getting into a regular yoga routine again.  It’s such an amazing form of exercise and I will love it forever.

I also saw The Hunger Games with Diana and we’re already planning to see it again! Amazing movie that really did the book justice!

I’ve also been busy building up my Beachbody business and yesterday I started my online classes at Institute for Integrative Nutrition!!!  I was so excited that I took out my iPad and started listening & watching the lectures as soon as I was off work.  In fact, I’m listening to my first IIN webinar right now, so I’m going to make this a quick blog post so I can give the webinar my full attention.  😀

What have you been eating lately?  Dinner tonight was brown rice with some wilted kale, spinach, garlic, & red onions.

I’m also super excited because my mom bought me tons of yummy mangoes for my Tropical Vegan Shakeology shakes!

And speaking of Shakeology, my brand new Shakeology t-shirt came in today.  I plan on wearing it on April 14 for Beachbody’s Super Saturday event in Philadelphia, where I’m going to see Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler speak!  It’s going to be an amazing day!!!

All right, I’m off to listen to the rest of the webinar.  Have a great night!

No Rhyme or Reason

Tonight’s post has no actual rhyme or reason to it, except that I’ve got lots of little amazing things to blog about that I feel all deserve a little love.

A few weeks ago, Whole Foods gave me Flaxmilk to try.  I’d noticed it there a few times, but wasn’t sure what it would be like.

It was a little bit watery, despite shaking up the container, especially since I’m used to using coconut milk or soy milk, which are generally thicker.  It definitely served its purpose in my smoothie though and I didn’t think that my smoothie was any less thick than it normally is.  I also felt like it gave it a slightly different taste, but my smoothie still tasted amazing.  I’m going to try the rest of the flaxmilk in some tea this weekend and let you know what I think!

I also had to post how thankful I am for amazing friends.  Today I was at the point of desperation with my health issues, about to burst into tears, but all it took was an amazing, uplifting conversation with one of my closest friends and I immediately felt uplifted.  She helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and reminded me that, “each day, you’re one step closer to healing.”  What a positive way of looking at it!  She had me try a few yoga poses and gave me some excellent mantras to use while meditating.  I felt myself feeling happier and my body physically was not in as much pain after talking it out!  😀

I also came home to find this video posted in my Facebook News Feed and it helped to remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing and that my own health woes will one day help others to heal.

Since I finally had an evening to myself for the first time in what feels like an eternity (I’ve only done yoga ONCE this month – eek!) and was able to catch up on my favorite Facebook healthy eating group, I found all these little gems that you might want to check out:

It’s Not A Fairytale: Seattle To Build Nation’s First Food Forest (how awesome is that?!)

The Conscious Food Summit (I registered and can’t wait to see what it’s all about!)

22 Ways To Get Your Vegan Snack Attack On (can’t wait to try some of these!)

11 Health Benefits of Cinnamon

52 Uses for Coconut Oil

Have a great evening!


I LOVE surprises and today was a great day for them.

This morning my co-worker Laura brought our team some drinks from Caribou.  She brought me a soy chai, one of my favorite drinks (thanks Laura! 🙂 ).

My Blood Type A: Food, Beverage and Supplement Lists from Eat Right for Your Type showed up (and I ordered it last night).

And right next to that package was the package for the sparkly pink Toms that I ordered last weekend.

As if all of that weren’t enough, my friend Andrea posted on my Facebook page that QVC was having an amazing deal on the 64 oz Vitamix.  I’d already ordered a different Vitamix model at the end of December, but it’s 48 oz and has a smaller motor than the 64 oz one.  Not to mention that it’s on the waitlist.  I figured out the price difference and it was only about $40 extra for the 64 oz Vitamix.

What I love about QVC is that they are the ONLY place that I know of where you can order the Vitamix and pay for it in installments, instead of shelling out over $400 at once. I was able to cancel my previous order, get the newer model, and it should be here by next week. So excited!

Can’t wait to do yoga, relax, and sleep this weekend!  What are your plans?!