Fruits & Veggies Rock

Think eating vegan is expensive?  Think again.  Check out all the fruits & veggies I bought tonight.

The grand total?  I was estimating somewhere between $10 – $15.  I only spent

And I have enough to make several green smoothies and eat snacks!

Speaking of which, I used my Vitamix tonight to make my very first green smoothie.  I’m in love with the Vitamix!!!

Tomorrow’s Friday!!!



Japanese – Vegan Style

I’ve been wanting to blog for days now, but my job has been so busy that I’ve barely had time to eat my food, let alone start taking pictures of it.  I also haven’t been eating any stellar meals – just been grabbing whatever I have in the fridge and making a healthy meal out of it.

Things will hopefully be changing on that front because I received my Vitamix today!!!

I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, mainly because I had a chiropractor appointment, chose to do TurboFire this afternoon since I didn’t do it this morning, then had to get ready to go out to eat for my brother’s birthday.  I also need to buy some more fruit so I can make amazing green smoothies because I’m lacking in ingredients!

We went out to eat at a Japanese sushi restaurant.  What does a vegan eat at a Japanese sushi restaurant?!


Miso Soup

A Japanese veggie dish whose name I couldn’t even pronounce!

and avocado rolls!

It’s easy to eat plant-based pretty much anywhere you go.  🙂

Now I’m off to bed – I hardly got any sleep last night due to my debilitating migraines, am getting up at 6 am tomorrow to work out, and am finally getting 2 MRI’s done on my spine and brain tomorrow night to see if they can finally figure out why my headaches won’t go away.  Wish me luck!


I LOVE surprises and today was a great day for them.

This morning my co-worker Laura brought our team some drinks from Caribou.  She brought me a soy chai, one of my favorite drinks (thanks Laura! 🙂 ).

My Blood Type A: Food, Beverage and Supplement Lists from Eat Right for Your Type showed up (and I ordered it last night).

And right next to that package was the package for the sparkly pink Toms that I ordered last weekend.

As if all of that weren’t enough, my friend Andrea posted on my Facebook page that QVC was having an amazing deal on the 64 oz Vitamix.  I’d already ordered a different Vitamix model at the end of December, but it’s 48 oz and has a smaller motor than the 64 oz one.  Not to mention that it’s on the waitlist.  I figured out the price difference and it was only about $40 extra for the 64 oz Vitamix.

What I love about QVC is that they are the ONLY place that I know of where you can order the Vitamix and pay for it in installments, instead of shelling out over $400 at once. I was able to cancel my previous order, get the newer model, and it should be here by next week. So excited!

Can’t wait to do yoga, relax, and sleep this weekend!  What are your plans?!