Yoga Saturday

Katy and I have started a sort of tradition where we head to yoga every Saturday morning, then grab some lunch at a healthy restaurant or Whole Foods.  Today we headed to Dancing Mind Yoga to take advantage of Katy’s LivingSocial deal (I unfortunately was not able to purchase it since I’ve been to the studio before).  After sweating in the heat for an hour and a half, we were definitely ready for some amazing healthy eating at Whole Foods.

It was perfect with a VitaCoco pineapple coconut coconut water!  (no, two coconuts in a row is not a typo) 🙂

We’ve got a lot of the same things in common and have the same sorts of spiritual beliefs, so we always have a great time chatting and today was no different.  After we ate, we decided to head to Barnes & Noble to check out some spiritual books and meditation music, spent some time at Teavana, and stopped at Godiva for a chocolate covered strawberry each.

Some other things I’ve been eating recently:

The rest of the day was perfect – after hanging out with Katy, I ran a few errands and enjoyed the gorgeous weather that we’ve been having lately.  I even snagged some vegan shampoo & conditioner at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa!  I swear this is the only shampoo & conditioner that truly works on my hair and I had no idea that it was vegan until I happened to see it listed on the bottle.

(I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I relied on the iPhone because I was too lazy to grab my camera)

I also saw a heart in the middle of the street on the way out of the supermarket (where I happened to see my mom walking in just as I got there too & we hadn’t even seen each other all day – I love it when the Universe shows you synchronicities!)

And I just ordered the brand new Tropical Vegan Shakeology from Beachbody!

Can’t wait to enjoy my next 2 days off!  How’s your weekend going so far?


Journey to Manifestation

As the weekend comes to a close, I started thinking about all of the things that I want to accomplish for myself this year.  As I mentioned on Friday, last week didn’t afford me the opportunity to truly work on my dreams & desires.  I didn’t get to do any yoga and I didn’t do any TurboFire either!

Instead of blaming outside circumstances for what happened though, I began to think about everything that I want to achieve, and the steps that I need to accomplish them.  By radiating my inner calm and remembering the value in everything that I want to do, I can streamline the process for everything that I’ve got going on.

And trust me, it’s a lot.  I hadn’t even really realized how much I’ve involved myself in and since I tend to be a procrastinator, I feel the need to write it all out to remind myself of my goals and how I’m going to get to each and every thing, even if I only take small steps each day.  Each step will create the path of my journey.

At the forefront of it all is my vision board, but those things won’t actually happen if I don’t hold the intent and belief that they WILL happen, no matter the outward circumstances.  I’ve seen miracles manifest in my life by being open and willing to receive them.  As the Law of Attraction states, “what you think about, you bring about.”  Yet even though I’ve known this for years, I seem to forget to put it into practice.

Today, at exactly the right moment, I saw this image posted by a friend on Facebook.

I started listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s podcasts in the car and she reminded me of the power of manifestation and focusing on your desires.  Focus on abundance instead of lack, but most importantly, FEEL it all as if it were real.  Be thankful for what you do have so that more can come to you.  It’s the Law of the Universe.

Expect a miracle, and it will happen, usually in a form that you may not even have expected, but much better than you ever could’ve imagined.


I skipped yoga this morning and allowed myself to actually sleep in and let my body rest.  As much as I’m sure yoga would’ve been a stress relief for me, my body wanted sleep even more.  And trust me, I truly needed it.  It felt so good to just be lazy and allow myself to rest and rejuvenate, especially since I’ve been go, go go too much lately.

Even though I didn’t get to see Katy for yoga (although we work together, so it’s awesome that I get to see one of my closest friends everyday), we decided to go eat lunch together.  Katy had the brilliant idea of going to Whole Foods, which hadn’t even crossed my mind, but couldn’t have been more perfect.

I LOVE the colors of real, fresh food, full of life and energy.  We feasted from the salad bar, chatted about all things nutrition & health related, meditation, and more, and I introduced Katy to Kombucha, one of my favorite drinks ever.

Check out the live organisms in there!  It’s hard to explain exactly what Kombucha is.  Maybe it’s best explained by the Synergy people who state, “Some call it a tea, some call it an elixir, but no matter what you call it, Kombucha is a miracle, and it’s been used around the world for centuries to help promote health and wellness.”

Now that I’m back at home, I’m sipping on some chai tea with coconut creamer.  So yummy!

I’m taking it easy this weekend.  Researching new recipes, reading some Gabrielle Bernstein, downloading her podcasts, and catching up with my Beachbody business!  How’s your weekend going so far?


Oh, how I’ve missed blogging this week.  This week my life was not mine, and I seemed involved with a ceaseless amount of endless activities that have left me exhausted and stressed.  My body is literally in fight or flight mode right now.  I fell behind on my workouts, my health has taken another hit, and something happened to me tonight that made me burst into tears (and not the good kind).  My body is literally screaming for me to give it rest and relaxation.

Despite all of this, I refuse to fall into what my mom likes to call the “poor me” syndrome. Things may not be exactly as I want them to be right now, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have the power to change them.  Our attitudes and our thoughts affect our lives, no matter how big or small.  I’m on the path to making my dreams come true.  So many amazing things have fallen into place for me just in the last month or so and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Through it all, I have to remember the power of LOVE.

Love is the word that glues us all together, a powerful invisible force that can instantly make anything better (no wonder Love Actually is one of my favorite movies ever 🙂 )  So what could be a more fitting way to end my week than a Starbucks LOVE cup?  Starbucks is so great at marketing and when I saw this on a fellow blogger’s Facebook page the other day, I knew I had to get one.  I almost didn’t care so much for the soy chai as much as I did for the cup!  I needed something to calm my nerves, and just by seeing that magical word, I knew everything was going to be ok.  By remembering love in everything I see, say, and do, I’m able to lead a more blessed life, even if others choose a less inspired path.  And my life will be that much better for it.

My delicious accompaniment to the soy chai was some vegan Pad Thai.  My favorite Thai dish ever!

When I got home, I took a relaxing bath, meditated for a bit, and am now allowing my body to get back to its natural rhythm.

It was so fitting that my brand new Gabrielle Bernstein books showed up at my door today too. I love the way the Universe works.  🙂   I learned about her thanks to Katy and have downloaded her meditation series on iTunes.  I can’t wait to start reading these books – I have a feeling they’re going to help me further my goals more than I ever could’ve imagined!

I’m ready to take care of myself, and along the way, love will be at the center of all that I do.  ❤