What Do Vegans Eat?!

I love it when I get asked this question, mainly because I’m shocked when people tell me they don’t eat that many vegetables.  My very first thought is, “what do YOU eat if you don’t eat vegetables?!”  Here’s what I’ve been eating the past several days.

Sweet potatoes, rainbow chard, mushrooms, and asparagus over brown rice

Almond milk Greek yogurt with protein powder, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and fruit

Artichoke salad, inspired by a wrap I had in Las Vegas

Peach pie smoothie, which only looks green because of the spinach I added at the very end

Grilled tempeh with kale

Peanut butter fruit toast

Carrot apple juice

Strawberry salad

Fresh fruit

Veggie lo mein

Quinoa mango black bean salad

Quinoa breakfast porridge

What are some of your favorite things to eat?














It’s almost Friday!!!

I’ve been rocking TurboFire


Eating yummy vegan food

(Seriously, best bar ever!)

and just scored an awesome deal on Living Social at a cafe in Clarendon that I’ve never even heard about called South Block Smoothie & Wrap Co.  I’m so ridiculously excited that they have things on their menu like Acai Bowls and a Super Green Smoothie.  Plus there are tons of vegan friendly options on the overall menu.

Got lots of exciting things coming up that I can’t wait to post about!