Winter Wonderland

It snowed this afternoon in the DC area, which means that everybody panicked and traffic came to a complete standstill.  I had to cancel a 4:30 appointment that I had and missed going to yoga with Katy and it took me nearly an hour to get home, when my job is 10 minutes away.  The snow wasn’t even sticking and rain would’ve been worse, but that’s Northern Virginia for you!

As much as I love TurboFire, my body just wasn’t feeling it today, so I did a Rodney Yee Yoga for Beginners sequence to channel my frustration.  I bought it a year ago since it had been several years since I’d practiced yoga, but didn’t even end up opening the DVD until today.  It was a little too easy for me, but definitely some great quick yoga when I’m not feeling the need to do something as vigorous.


I also have his Yoga Burn DVD and am curious to try it out one day and see what it’s like.

Some eats:

Blueberry Peach Skinny Smoothie.  I made it last night and the chia seeds gelled into a sort of pudding overnight, so I had to eat it with a spoon.

No time to take a picture of lunch, but I had some leftover millet “potatoes” and some carrot red pepper soup.  Snack included some dates and a Shakeology drink.

Since it was a cozy sort of night, I decided to make soup once again, this time courtesy of the Whole Foods 28 Day Healthy Eating Challenge that I’m taking part in.  The Healthy Eating Specialist emailed us a fantastic chicken and brown rice soup recipe, which I of course modified to be vegan friendly by adding a little tofu.  I had all of the ingredients on hand except for the celery, and decided to add a little bit of miso to give it a little extra kick, which I think made it taste even better.

Time for some relaxation and meditation before bed!


Soup and Salad Day

My day started in the best way possible.  I was up early, ready to work out to TurboFire.  I haven’t done TurboFire in a few days and was ready to get back into the swing of it.  When I saw that the DVD I had to do today lasted nearly an hour though, I was wishing it would go by fast, if only because I wasn’t sure I was THAT pumped to do a workout.


I’m so glad that it went better than I could’ve anticipated!  Chalene Johnson keeps you pumped as you exercise and halfway through the sequence, I was more energized than ever. The hour went by extremely fast and I was feeling so good at the end of it, envisioning what my body will look like if I keep this up along with regular yoga workouts.  The choreography isn’t too complicated and Chalene uses positive language to keep you motivated towards your goals.  I also usually hate working out, so the fact that Chalene can get me so pumped about this workout is saying something.  I’d usually much rather be doing yoga than any other workout, especially since I don’t see yoga as a workout, but I’m so excited to do the entire TurboFire program and reap its benefits.


Being a BeachBody Coach, I want to try the products out for myself so that I’m able to tell people how amazing they are.  Shakeology is a great drink to have either for breakfast, lunch, or as a snack.  It’s super delicious and filled with amazing superfoods!


Blueberry Kale Spinach Salad with a Black Bean Burger

Snack (this tasted exactly like carrot cake – I was pleasantly surprised):

I went out grocery shopping for some things I needed and got some great stuff, including Kombucha…

which inevitably always reminds me of this video and my friend Diana:

You’ll see why about 3 seconds into the video 😉

I also couldn’t resist buying this great little Whole Foods bag.  When the guy told me it was only $0.99, I had to get it!

Dinner was more soup and salad.  I didn’t even intentionally mean to eat soup and salad for both lunch and dinner, but it’s what I ended up making, and it came out great.

Kale salad.  I “wilted” the kale with half an avocado.  Thank you Whole Foods for the amazing recipe!

Carrot Red Pepper Soup

And finally, I had a little dessert.  Usually I try not to eat dessert, but I was flipping through my copy of The Beauty Detox Solution earlier today and noticed an amazing recipe for Chia Seed Delight.  Kimberly Snyder was a very positive influence for me at the beginning of my vegan journey and I love that she’s so knowledgeable about so many plant-based superfoods.

I accidentally put a little bit too many chia seeds in there and ate maybe 1/6th of the bowl, so I saved the rest to eat for another day.

My goal is to go to yoga at least twice this week and work out to TurboFire the rest of the time.  I’m off to relax before going to bed!