My day can best be summarized by many wonderful highlights.  It’s always the little things, isn’t it?  I started my day at 6 am with my favorite TurboFire workout and that got me pumped and ready to go!

But first, an update on my raw journey.  I’m not focusing on “oh I’m eating raw so I can’t eat that” or “I’m not eating raw because I feel like something cooked.”  I’m just taking things as they come and seeing what I feel like making.  Shakeology is my breakfast every single day without fail.  For lunch I decided to make myself a raw kale salad with avocado, nutritional yeast, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, and pumpkin seeds.  Snack was a cherry pie LÄRABAR and since I had to rush off to the chiropractor shortly after getting home, dinner was another Shakeology.

So what exactly were the highlights of my day?  Coming home to find this waiting for me:

I’ve heard so many people now talking about The Hunger Games that I had to order it.  Can’t wait to start reading!  I of course was completely obsessed with Harry Potter and Twilight, so I’m sure the same will happen to me with this series.

Chloe’s Kitchen is by chef Chloe Coscarelli.  She was the first vegan cupcake baker to win Cupcake Wars and now I’m so excited to have her book!  I flipped through it quickly and the recipes look amazing.  Even though it’s not gluten-free, I can easily modify the recipes to make them so.

That wasn’t the only thing waiting for me though.  There was also all of this:

I now have Tropical Shakeology samples to give to people, yay!  I’m also loving my new t-shirt and can’t wait to use my water bottle.  The lanyard is of course going around my neck since I’m a teacher and we have to wear our badge at all times.

That’s not all though!  When I got home from the chiropractor, yet another box was waiting for me!

So now I have chocolate samples of Shakeology to give away too!  If anybody’s seriously interested in trying out this amazing product, message me and I’d be more than happy to send you some to try!  Now you have to believe that I wouldn’t invest this much money in Beachbody products if I didn’t believe in the company.  🙂

I’m now sipping on some green tea kombucha that I found at the health store the other day. It tastes like green tea, but is slightly bubbly like kombucha, I love it!  Have a great night!!!

p.s. I’m sorry for the poor lack of quality on the pictures.  I’ve been relying on my iPhone a little too much lately instead of my camera!


Yoga Saturday

Katy and I have started a sort of tradition where we head to yoga every Saturday morning, then grab some lunch at a healthy restaurant or Whole Foods.  Today we headed to Dancing Mind Yoga to take advantage of Katy’s LivingSocial deal (I unfortunately was not able to purchase it since I’ve been to the studio before).  After sweating in the heat for an hour and a half, we were definitely ready for some amazing healthy eating at Whole Foods.

It was perfect with a VitaCoco pineapple coconut coconut water!  (no, two coconuts in a row is not a typo) 🙂

We’ve got a lot of the same things in common and have the same sorts of spiritual beliefs, so we always have a great time chatting and today was no different.  After we ate, we decided to head to Barnes & Noble to check out some spiritual books and meditation music, spent some time at Teavana, and stopped at Godiva for a chocolate covered strawberry each.

Some other things I’ve been eating recently:

The rest of the day was perfect – after hanging out with Katy, I ran a few errands and enjoyed the gorgeous weather that we’ve been having lately.  I even snagged some vegan shampoo & conditioner at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa!  I swear this is the only shampoo & conditioner that truly works on my hair and I had no idea that it was vegan until I happened to see it listed on the bottle.

(I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I relied on the iPhone because I was too lazy to grab my camera)

I also saw a heart in the middle of the street on the way out of the supermarket (where I happened to see my mom walking in just as I got there too & we hadn’t even seen each other all day – I love it when the Universe shows you synchronicities!)

And I just ordered the brand new Tropical Vegan Shakeology from Beachbody!

Can’t wait to enjoy my next 2 days off!  How’s your weekend going so far?